Wednesday 3 August 2016


Well it is past the Watershed.

Wow followers, we have been surprised by many things in the lifetime of the BM but this really struck a chord with us this evening.

We may be sexist? Poking fun at the female gender? Now we passed our Maths for Beginners with Carol Vorderman many moons ago and we know that 2 Pacers + 2 Pacers = 4 Lots of Shite. This is very simple and our brains don't explode at the thought of it.

From those basics was the hope that many would see the photograph of a young person firing a Narrow Gauge Steam Locomotive as a sensible, proactive and complimentary nod to the future of our Heritage Movement. Simple maths. Even Rachel Riley would get that. But we find ourselves in a pickle.

The photo of the beloved Pacer above is in Northern colours. We have not, as yet - and we have checked, received complaints that this is not in Great Western colours. Why on green earth of daisies are we only dealing with Northern Pacers we hear you cry?

Well no one has cried.

But there is a worrying thought that a photograph of a young person doing what they love on the footplate of a Steam Locomotive would be picked out as making fun of a Female Fireman. Bollocks. In all sense of the word. 

The vast majority of you get it, we thank you and love you for it. You do have a new leader, he goes by the name Tom Peacock. Tom gets it, in fact he steps into the lion's den of 'TRRPG' (Facebook People know) and lets those who think we are using any 'ism' that obviously we are not. Thanks Tom. 

What people don't understand is that young person caused a Social Media storm. She proclaimed, in her own words, that an elderly gentleman refused to believe her place was on the footplate. Quite rightly she was bemused, and indeed it seems the world is bemused. This is excellent, this is progress.

For those that simply don't get it. What you are seeing is a round of applause for those who have broken barriers, be it through the stupidity of others or simply gaining the understanding of those who are normal. Those who do believe that noones age, race, creed, colour, sex, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, marital status or socioeconomic status has any bearing on their ability to do a job they love or enjoy a hobby they love for reasons they love.

'Normal' changes every day. Steam Railways become Heritage Diesel Railways with Steam. Class 66s become things to spot. Embrace it, laugh at it and move with it. It is a funny old hobby we have and it is the characters that make it what it is. Some may not agree and the only way to have a reasoned debate and argument is to take the utter piss. This is simple and is our philosophy, but be like Tom. Know when the subject is untouchable.

Know you should never vote to see a Pacer at a Gala.

Your views are important to us, they make us laugh, cringe and smile. The world can be a crazy shit place at times but we do hope the BM gives you reason to smile. That's what it is all about folks. It is not everyones cup of tea but as you are reading this we welcome you to the gang of people that get it. 

To knobheads who do not get it. You are not welcome, our page, our followers, our rules. Do one. We are walking with the world that has moved on, you may take a trip back through the Cafe and to your car with the gentleman who thinks the footplate is no place for a female. We'll stick around and have a laugh with our mates.