Sunday 2 October 2016

We have Triggered Article Shitty

Isn't the modern world wonderful?

Technology is king and immediate, it is Live. What happened 5 minutes ago is ancient history and waiting for the next person to become headline news, then annoying, then forgotten. Headline News of course is made up from people with technology who catch it on their devices and share with the world.

Forgive us, were going egoistic. 

Who exactly is The BM for you ask? Well you didn't ask but we're going to tell you anyway. Amidst the shit that life throws at you all, amidst the dullness of another icon dropping dead and you being told they have bitten the dust by the bleep of your BBC News Alerts - we hope to put a smile on your face or a groan at your phone.

If you read these rants articles, we hint at this repeatedly. We let you in on the joke and hint to take life a little less seriously. We have a wonderful hobby that we all share together. Most importantly we couldn't give a right royal shite what others think of our hobby. We're happy - perhaps those poking fun at us are not happy? We feel sorry for these people.

So it did come as a surprise that one of our premier Railways blocked us. Yep, the modern day equivalent of two fingers from the window of your Austin Metro. 

What we must make extremely clear is the support we have received from the volunteers, members, blingers, founders and likers of said Railway that has warmed our cockles immensely during the dark hours after the blocking (too far?) We love you all.

At first we understood, you could say that we have been a little harsh on said Railway but here's the clincher. If you put yourself at the top of the pile, if you proclaim to be top of the BBC News App for Railways then the relatable fun is there with you.

What separates the fun from the harsh criticism is this - when it is obviously harmless fun. Nothing upsets us more than people taking life too seriously. You are wholly invited to not get the joke - we applaud the fact that some don't get it. We love the fact that a minority who have put the effort in to read this shite do get it and appreciate it. 

Morale of the story - it's only Trains guys. 

This leads us onto the theme we began last week, to support the Railways of the UK in whatever form you feel necessary. We asked you all to contemplate jumping up and showing the accountants of the Railways that enthusiasts are there and a viable force beyond those who turn up once a year to see an A3. 

This message was obviously lost to a sense of humour failure. That's a shame.

But, carry on. We presented an argument that could lead to a big problem. The potential lack of support. This is a scary thought, if enthusiast based Galas turn into fantastic flops then where do we find our hobby that lightens up our time beyond those BBC News alerts? 

The North Yorkshire Moors Gala is heading to the end this weekend, the response to this has been staggering and shows hope that an enthusiast Gala can attract the 'normals' and also keep the 'Bash Mashers' happy bunnies. The Great Central is squaring up to show off the queues at Kinchley Lane next weekend. 

Strap on those boots, fill up the backpacks and head out to a Railway near you. Take pictures and send them to us. Take stupid pictures and send them to us. Take ridiculous pictures and send them to us. The circle of happiness is complete.

Thanks, as always,
The Girls of the BM x

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