Sunday 23 July 2017

New species of 'Dickhead' discovered in North Yorkshire.

Just when you thought the human gene pool was safe out of the water, we find ourselves a new level of idiot that suggests evolution took a wrong turn at Malton and is heading back into the North Sea.

You're all bloody angry at the events on the NYMR over the weekend. Yes, quite rightly so. The creepiness that surrounds a 1960s Music event in Pickering taking place is not just down to the 'Shoop Shoop Song', but the fact that metres away - the crown jewels of the biggest heritage railway in the world were being destroyed by vandals.

We need to be shocked, there needs to be a level of shock and anger that counteracts the run of destruction both in our social system and how we conduct ourselves being acceptable in society.

Many of you are angry that the faces haven't been released of those that set out to damage the LNER Teak set of prize coaches at Pickering. We're upset too. But of all the stupid things we've released into the wild - Pictures (and videos) of vandals hard at work destroying years of work in minutes is too much to stomach.  

While you are all angry, there is a community heart wrenchingly sad at the events. An air of sadness that is palpable by the support the rest of the Railway community has shown over the last 24 Hours by donating in there thousands to get those historic vehicles back in service as quickly as possible.

A video of the crime is not what is needed, a 'F*** you' attitude is what is required. We've seen hideous things occur in this country, on our own streets, in 2017 and we are often only left with putting a filter on our profile photos and standing with people as they suffer at the consequences of despicable idiots. 

The society of Snapchat and producing videos, at any cost to anything is a dangerous one. What is the best way to stop it? Perhaps not displaying the 'efforts' of these mindless videos and cutting off the oxygen to the hits and views they so clearly desire. The videos of destruction, in the dark aboard those Teak carriages would have lasted for 24 Hours unless the Police hadn't taken a keen interest in them. Then they would have gone.

The lasting damage is in the broken glass beside the track and the sadness in the volunteers who have to pick it up and repair their work back to the standard at which they want it. 

The repair bill amounts to the appreciation of the work of volunteers around the world who put in their hard work, energy and time to keep our history alive. It is down to them alone. There is not a Harry Potter Studio Tour at each town to take each prized Steam Railway asset undercover and polished reaping in thousands of pounds of profit. There are only so many steam engines you can paint blue and call 'Thomas' to pay its own way. The rest doesn't make money. They are an accountants living nightmare only made sense by a dedicated band of 'amateurs', bred from Titfield ancestry.

Our industrial heritage is out there, day in and day out in the rain, wind and sunshine so everyone can experience it on our heritage railways. The people that put them out there for you is the volunteers. 

Reject the mindless idiots who set out to damage this generous offer to the public. Support those who made a choice to dedicate the best parts of there lives to sharing our Railways heritage with you.


  1. too right and well said. Payday next week I will be sending the MYMR some dosh. Phil

  2. Article is diminished by the wrong their/there usage twice.

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