Saturday 27 February 2016

Outrage as Health & Safety stops people shitting in Station Photo Booths.

Ah, the good old Railway Station. We're positive many readers of The Bash Mash actually find being in a Station as a day out, soaking in the experience and history as Trains from around the country descend upon it.

There is however new warnings of what should be 'soaking in' at Railway Stations. As captured elegantly by a weird peeping tom passer-by recently at a Station has left us questioning whether people have literally lost their shit.

Yep, thats a Lady shitting in a Station Photo Booth
Now we are all up for a bit of banter at BM but we do draw the line of slipping on some dozy mares excrement because she thought Happy Snaps was Happy Craps. 

It does question what has happened to people's toilet habits when it comes to travelling on Trains. Is the bouncing of a Nodding Donkey leaving us finding a toilet as respite from being squashed into a Bus Seat between Leeds and Huddersfield?

Now this Lad is interesting. Here he is posting to the world that he's in a Toilet Crapper taking a picture of himself. 

He is literally stood in strangers excrement and piss while taking a second rate Selfie of himself. 


Well we again blame the Pacers. If that photo is in a Pacer Toilet we bow down to him. The camera has driven out the incessant shaking and the walls are almost excrement and bog paper free. Kudos to this lad and Northern Rail (can we call them that?).

So what we have learnt is that places to shit are limited and varied. 

Now if you're really having a bad day on a Train..

If you've had to be sick in a bag on a Train because you didn't make it to the disgusting shit stained, bog roll filled Pacer Toilet, then we think the consensus should be that at that station, you find the nearest stool and drop your load as quick as you can, let it run free.

So the moral of the story? 

If you see someone shitting in a Photo Booth, before you judge them, just think that they may have been on a Pacer with a full Lidl bag of regurgitated carrots and Prosecco.They've had a bad enough day. Let them shit.

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