Saturday 27 February 2016

Trial by Social Media?

The Flying Scotsman Trespassers

Trial by Social Media?

With £4.2M spent by the National Railway Museum on bringing back the A3, with a Marketing Campaign the likes of which we haven't seen since the involvement of a Duck and two Wedges from America. Flying Scotsman is back.

What could possibly marr the reappearance? 

- Broken Spring
- Class 31 stuck up its Arse at Bury
- £450 Tickets
- .............

Well apart from all that.

Any sympathy for Trespassers? Despite the smiles and the well rounded beer bellies. These are cretins.
A plague that many don't see until its splashed across Sky News from a Helicopter, the Trespassers. They are a funny breed that see a fence then decide to jump it to take their photographs. They are the same breed that moans the fence at their usual spot has got bigger.

There's no sympathy for them from this author but let's give them arseholes  a chance eh?


Anyone have any suggestions?

As with all Facebook splash of someone doing something illegal, there are the cries of 'Trial by Social Media'. Yeh, and?

Well should those stood on Network Rails land not have their photographs splashed on Social Media for all to see? Maybe not to be fair. Maybe Network Rail should be the ones doing the flogging. 


There is one thing we are all quite entitled to do. That is take the utter piss out of these people breaking the law and smirking and smiling past there duffel coats and step ladders.

The very least you can expect from breaking the law is an utter relentless pisstake out of you.

Welcome to The Bash Mash.

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