Monday 7 March 2016

Scrap the License Fee & support BBC Four radicals led by Jenny Agutter.

It always fills us with a warm glow when we see the beloved Pacer is in the News. Unfortunately it's not the News we've all been waiting for but more that the BBC is stating the obvious.

Yes, EastEnders is still crap. New Top Gear will be crap (until we actually watch it), that god awful Drive program with Dermot O'Leary is still god awful. But no the BBC are stating the even more obvious. 

They found the one person in the country who rates the Pacer

'I'd much rather travel on these than a bus' said one well meaning, but obviously deranged old lady.

Jon Kelly, the video journalist responsible for the piece obviously went into work one day looking for an easy story about choo choo trains. The easiest being the bouncing turds that are proving hard to scrape from our landscapes.

We could explain our reasoning, we could explain why the Pacers are indeed a scourge that needs removing, but we would be insulting the intelligence of any travelling rail passenger in this country. Why on earth should the British Public put up with these embarrassments? Squashed into a bus on rails?

We shouldn't.

Here is hoping the BBC find good News stories beyond the A3 and the Pacers. There is more to the birthplace of Railways than these two. 

10 million people visit a heritage railway in this country. It has been estimated that heritage railways are worth about £250 million to the UK economy. If our Public broadcaster can't find a good case of scum and villainy out of those 10 million people then we should scrap the license fee after all and give it all the taxes to a breakaway group of BBC Four radicals led by Jenny Agutter.

But wait.

The shockiest shock came on our very own Facebook Page. Contributor Bob had this very strange opinion:

I can remember when Pacers were considered to be excellent trains, they were certainly better than the aging units they replaced. They're rail-buses, economical rail transport, don't expect Pullman car riding quality or comfort. They are perfectly adequate for short distance high density traffic.
We've banned him.


  1. I think the media should improve itself now. I don't really think the BBC will ever find good news beyond A3 and the Pacers since they're doing well with it.

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