Wednesday 16 March 2016

Train Beer is a thing. Rejoice.

Now scouring the bowels of Twitter can often make you run cap in hand back to Mr Zuckerberg at the best of times. Inane drivel from celebrities is often the way of the world over on the 140 character place.

But wait

We stumbled on something that made our hearts smile and our retweets jump from our pants. People sharing pictures of their beer while aboard one of George Stephensons Trains.

Simply rejoice.

Beer and Trains have a long and complicated history but one that goes together better than Same Difference ever could. They walk hand in hand and don't look in the slight bit as awkward or call Yewtree as Same Difference did.

Seriously, and we don't say this often, but seriously get sharing those snaps of beer and locomotion using #TrainBeer.

Share what makes us British:

  1. Taking a sneaky pic without anyone noticing but willing to share that sneaky pic with the world,
  2. Pay a fortune for a weird beer from Brosenheim and admit only to yourself it tastes rank
  3. Drink it slowly to maximise your expenditure
  4. Tidy up the table in front of you on the train
  5. Wipe off the remnants of your Big Mac juice
  6. Take a photo of your Beer aboard a Train.
Share, send, rejoice to #TrainBeer

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