Thursday 14 April 2016

Pick your best National Treasures

We are Curious

We have, for a mere tax havens gold encrusted underpants £4.2M, a National treasure back on the Rails and in steam 'where it belongs', or so the documentary tells us.

Now this leaves us curious, who is making the decisions on which part of the National Collection, safeguarded by British Railways, deserves the warrant of steam or the warrant of being parked up at Leicester North?

We will put this question out there:

IF we (a collective nation) feel the wrong Locomotives are being stuffed and mounted, where is our input into voicing our opinions?

Do we grumble on the internet or comment on the BM? (Please do, we read them all and laugh our arses off at some/most of them)

We've seen Jeremy Kyle and through the buck toothed plinths that grace that program we don't see the very niche questions of 'My Mums Cousin wants Coppernob out'. Well actually, it comes close most mornings.

Now we are trapped in an internet generation where we feel the latest 'change,org' petition will change the world or bring Clarkson back to Top Gear. We can assume these are now redundant and a complete waste of time on our precious Facebook slide downs. 

Now there is a trend to buck here that lands at Mr Peter (the documentary told us to call him that) Waterman and his heavy cheque book that allows the Super D to be spoiled rotten for mainline comebacks - as long as he pays.

IS the answer to reclaiming National Treasures simply a big fat cheque postmarked 'York'?

Here is our selfish hope

We hope that the wave of publicity surrounding that A3 will swell into a wave of enthusiasm for our national treasures stored collectively and with great pride and professionalism at York and Shildon. We really do hope so.

The argument we would like to put forward is this - 
  1. The NRM must have a list of those Locomotives that will go back into steam.
Where is it?
How do we have an input?

Told you we were curious.

If you know, let us know. Or let Jeremy Kyle know.

Save time on those stupid bloody petitions.

We've come over all serious today. Here's a picture of a Bog Floor signing off your very bad day to realign the stars.

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