Friday 22 April 2016

When Robson Green rebuilt Scotsman. His grandchildren will be delighted.

The Scotsman Fever infects those watching Coronation Street

Did you know that Robson Green rebuilt Flying Scotsman? Well you do now. ITV told you so. Sort of.

Mr Green was invited along for a year long flirty apprenticeship in Bury to rebuild the iconic A3, along the way telling the story of its woes abroad and at home. It was a typically ITV documentary with hardcore details for 'trainsexuals' left out for floaty details of the subject at hand. That 'green train'. The hardcore fans may be disgruntled that we weren't filled in on the details of the rebuild. How bloody big was that washer?! 

We may never know.

Now we sat and watched Coronation Street in our onesies safe in the knowledge that you, the great british public knew that us - the very carefree BM are not 'Anti-Scotsman' or 'Anti-A3'. Seems we were wrong.

What other steam locomotive in this country would warrant an hour long documentary on prime time TV? Not many. Mallard? Well yes. Green Arrow? Well obviously!

But here it came, the iconic 'Flying Scotsman' in its own documentary. Why would we be 'Anti' that?

The focus on the people behind keeping the A3 running and back from the almost dead time and time again was good to see and credit where that credit is due. We hope there is a follow up documentary where Robson Green is interviewed for his painstaking restoration of Scotsman in 2015. 

Oh yes, the £4.2M 

Robson turned his flirtatious eyes away from any females in the Bury/Wales regions to mention this difficult topic of whether Scotsman was worth the price tag. We put down our cocoa, held onto our onesie pockets and braced ourselves for this hot debate.

Was the Scotsman rebuild worth £4.2M Robson?

'Yes, I think so'

Well that told us, and you doubters. Now go buy your Scotsman tickets and shush. Robson Green stood up with his friend and sang Unchained Melody, straight faced some years ago. He knows pressure and dealt with the huge cost to tax payer as he did to Gareth Gates' classic. Quickly - then get the hell out of there and go fishing.

Are we Anti-A3? 

Come on now. Its Flying Scotsman. What do you think?

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