Thursday 5 May 2016

An Apology

We have failed you.

They launch almost weekly and soak up the enthusiasm of the many like a brand new scouring pad, fresh out of the pack from Lidl. They capture the imagination like a freshly cleaned kitchen top with your 4.3p Scouring Pad.

The New Builds.

We haven't taken a pop at them have we? For this we at BM Towers apologise profusely. There is of course a reason we don't highlight this particular art form of showing off with millions of your pounds.

It is all down to that cheap scouring pad. The enthusiasm with your pad is there for several days. Bits of grease find there way into it, you start to multi task with it and end up scouring shit from your shoes, it becomes a friend to you in the hour of spilt curry but then it begins to look a bit ropey, but, it still does its job.

Then you get fed up of it.

Now we are not, in the words of a recent tweet, 'Pro-Scourers'. We simply want those gold star, historic, scouring pads that rinsed the George Foreman Grills in Victorian Times to be remembered. The rough, well engineered pads. We don't want those forgotten.

Reading another recent email into BM Towers, we were thanked for our persistence with the thoughts of 'Scotsman is out and about, what about Green Arrow?'. Would we as a nation of Robson Green lovers ever forget about that iconic 4771? Would we be given the choice once it is locked in at Leicester North? Would Robson be able to get his Black & Decker onto it if he had to use his 'Geordie' accent all the way in Leicester

At this point we will be balanced. Green Arrow is no rusting hulk, it is a manicured, looked after, spoilt, good looking, friendly cousin of the most popular kid in class, Scotty.

You will have befriended a rusting hulk currently braving the elements on a siding at your favourite Heritage Railway. You will be longing to see that hulk brought back to life. Now here is the hard realisation that comes with the launch of any New Build project.

Your beloved hulk moves further down the queue.

This has to be simple logistics. There is only so much money in this country for wilful splashing of cash on hulks of metal that will last ten years before you have to do it all again. Throw in the new more popular kid in a class and the limelight goes off the friendly cousin. It has to. Even ever popular Scotty starts sweating.

Now strap yourself in faithful readers. 

There is a bloody Pacer Preservation Society.

Seriously folks. You're letting this happen in a modern day society where Green Arrow is allowed to sit steamless? Sort it out, we beg you.

Anyway, New Builds.

We hope there is a common sense factor that will now creep in with new build projects. Those shiny brand new Dodo reincarnations that you give your hard earned cash to. Don't forget about those rusting hulks. Chuck them a quid, buy them a beer, give them a nice warm hug.

And shit, please remove yourself from the Pacer Preservation Society.

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