Monday 16 May 2016

Text 'SAVE' to save Network Rail Scotland Gauger

It really is the gift that keeps on giving

There is always a reason that 'things' are regarded as 'Icons' and gain the status 'Legends'. In America this is normally based on wealth and fame and not a lot in between, perhaps the odd infamous statement to stir up the biggest of hornets nests.

In Blighty however, it is normally down to misfortune or colossal cock ups of a magnitude that makes us all go 'Aww bless them', or pick up the phone and text vote some god awful singer who had a dream despite sounding like a trespasser falling off a stepladder. 

Take the England Football Team, let down after let down but they still manage to sell out Wembley. The English are forgivers and love a little scamp that may let us down every so often.

Fast forward to this weekend as football again makes the headlines with a Man Utd match called off after what seemed an 'explosive device' was found down a toilet, and no it was not Jonny Vegas dispensing of last nights curry. 

The papers had a field day,  'Someone's getting sacked in the morning' as one of the most famous people in the country was a random run of the mill security person who was involved in training sniffer dogs for security devices. By Saturday afternoon that person was sweating harder than well, that bloke who didn't gauge Flying Scotsman in time.

So the ever popular Carry On Scotsman continued this weekend. It was brilliant in its British-ness. All sorted, fine and dandy - then a cock up - then balls up - then all good again and we rejoice. 

On Friday, the Scottish Tours of the world's most famous steam locomotive were called off as the owner of the Railways wasn't sure it would fit down their tracks. Fair enough you should say. But this was decided the day before said tour was to take place. You would claim that you couldn't make it up, but this is Flying Scotsman.

Almost immediately, there were cries of 'Someone's getting sacked in the morning' and a person working for Network Rail Scotland was immediately sweating harder than the bloke who left a mobile in the crapper at Old Trafford. 

The BBC said they were cancelled. Everyone confirmed it, so that's that then.

Then. One Day Later, it is all back on.

Now picture this sweating bloke running along the Forth Bridge with a Tape Measure, the orange of his Hi Viz suddenly turning code Brown. 

Now picture a person, in an office, receiving a phone call from the Scottish Government. Would you, a Network Rail employee, turn around to your Government and say 'Sorry Love, nothing I can do now'. Or would you simply take the risk of tearing off coping stones on every Station from Newcastle to Bo'ness? 

We will never know the answer to what happened in the 24 Hours between CANCELLED and HUNKY DORY. 

The power of this A3 Pacific is now stopping all known protocols in their tracks. It is a moving Tourist Attraction that no government will want to stop.

Except Norfolk, if its running in Norfolk, it's cancelled.

The moral of the story - Norfolk cant be arsed.

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