Thursday 12 May 2016

Something Nice, just enough to warm your cockles

No, not that

We read something very nice at BM Towers today that warmed our very cockles from here to Cockermouth. It is possible, us women (don't believe everything you read in Steam Railway) can be nice sometimes.

So here's the cockle warmer - a Care Home in Stroud has set up its very own Steam Train complete with an interactive wall simulating the sights and sounds of a speeding train for patients with dementia. Simply a calming space for patients to take time out and relax.

Here's the puzzler

Does the online world of Railways quite match up to this image of sophistication and calm in the Care Home at Stroud? We are reminded of this puzzle as two neighbouring Facebook Groups declare a 'peace pact' after months of mud throwing behind keyboards.

The two camps have decided to calm the wibble and charge over the top into No Man's Land for a good ole game of football. Good on them.

Then comes the topic of the heated arguments, bannings and blockings - Factions of the same Heritage Railway at odds with each other merely based on the a pair of miles between them. Chances are you are in one of these factions, and you know the other lot on the other side. Drat, blast and dam them with their views and ways.

So will your faction be the first to say 'Wibble', or brave going over the top with an Ale in one hand and a mutual respect for each others hobbies metaphorically tucked into a bag of Roasted Peanuts in the other.

Would we all be better off with some of Ringo Starr's 'Peace and Love'? Or would we miss the fun of this hobby which is heated debates and the mutual respect in not giving a toss what those arses up the line think?

Perhaps the answer is to pull up ones socks, draw yourself a spiffing drink, paint on a stiff upper lip and get together to make friends, kiss and make up. 

Now which 'outspoken but invariably entertaining' (from our favourite magazine this month Steam Railway) organisation could arrange such a thing we wonder.

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