Saturday 7 May 2016

Replace Scotsman with a Pacer. Seriously.

OMG, its back again

That's how the youth of today talk about the return of Scotsman. Well not many 'youths' are talking about it to be fair. The youths of today - cant control them - cant keep them behind lineside fences. Well in our day..

And there the argument stops. It seems it isn't the youth of today that are causing problems both on the streets and by huge fences along the East Coast Main Line. It is indeed those retired folk shouting out of car windows in sensible Kia Cee'd Estates that are the ones causing the issues.

We have seen a YouTube video explaining to these well meaning supporters how to stay behind lineside fences. There is a special military sector of the British Transport Police foaming at the mouth ready to be let off the lead and seize any stray drones or Thermos' that may stray onto Network Rails danger zones.

Norfolk was the first loser in the battle against the evils of trespassers as their fanfared visit by Scotsman was completely shelved as unsafe. Much safer is to leave the Tours on the High Speed Lines than simple country railways, 125mph versus 60mph, at least it will be a clean sweep. There will be much less damage when the almost inevitable happens and someone trips at the wrong time at the wrong moment and pulls the plug on mainline steam for good.

The return of West Coast was inevitable

Could you imagine a fevered Scotland still cursing those South of Hadrians Wall able to stomach their star tourist attraction in the Jacobite being cancelled and struck off the record? The underpants of those at the ORR are not strong enough to repel the firestorm that would have hit them should they dare even try.

So the next big story sits and waits. Will people stay behind those line side fences between York and Newcastle? Will they be forced to run the Scotsman behind closed doors perhaps? Covered in a mock cardboard cutout of a Pacer so as to put off anyone holding a Berghaus Mule 2 40 Camera Bag (We used Google here)?

There is a good counter argument to the whole Scotsman furore and excitement. That is that it has done the world of good for Steam Railway Preservation. We wholeheartedly agree. 

But it is also a loaded gun

If any incident happens of a nature that needs Nick Knowles to make a 90 minute special of the aftermath, it wont just be the ORR that have streaked underpants. 

How hard is it to stay behind a fence for your photographs of Scotsman? We wait and see.

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