Saturday 17 September 2016

The Futures Bright, The Futures Apple Green.

Phew. The Scotsman Fever really does keep going doesn't it?

Well, first things first, we are in the digital age where one scroll of the finger downwards and you're yesterdays news. The magic of 'The A3' is that it is all encompassing and bringing new generations in around the country to the magic of steam.

BBC Midlands will fly out to see the A3 arrive into Tyseley with the excitement of a Trainspotting Live reunion. The people of Birmingham will be thrilled, and then the Big Green engine will be on its way. Job done for that area.

So what happens when you've reached all you are going to reach in the 64 Million people of the UK?

You send it over to the US of A of course. What could go wrong?

Turns out that idea turns to shit pretty quickly. Just imagine the rush of donations and goodwill to bring a bankrupt A3 back home from abroad, again.

The A3 takes what is billed as its final 'starring' appearance of the year on the Severn Valley in a few days time. There it will meet Tornado again for the first time for willing punters. It will be a great experience for those who catch the iconic A1 and A3 facing forward, or get through the militarised exclusion zone in place around Shropshire and Worcestershire. 

So whats next?

You have to think what else is there to keep this locomotive in the limelight through 2017. The answer is simple, and it lies on the shelves of B&Q.

Now, admit it, kettle haters included. You would want to see the A3 back where it belongs - 4472 in Apple Green. Then the great roadshow of Heritage Railways and £200 a ticket mainline excursions commences again.

The Facebook Groups will of course be filled of people demanding Loco crews are blinded by smoke for the sake of removing those smoke deflectors. But there lies a rant to save up.

The alternative of course is that 60103 continues to be for another 9 years of appearances in current form. The swipes upwards continue with more and more swiping. What could possibly come next to take on the mantle of a British Worldwide-known Superstar locomotive?

Well, no - this return is for us. The ones who know about Trains and all it encompasses. Those who stick our hands in the pockets most and are pissed off the most when Steam Galas are cancelled for exclusive events for non-believers. We know the V2 is the superstar that needs to return.

But, think of your Granny, think of idiots posting Spouse challenges on their Facebook walls, knobheads still swiping at Pokemon on the street. 

The V2 is not for them, this is not 'The Flying Scotsman isn't it?'.

What is the superstar that would make them pay £50 a ticket to cross CheckPoint Charlie (Kidderminster Edition)?

Can you think of a bigger Superstar than that A3 than this A4?

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