Tuesday 20 June 2017

Living on Small island with Trains that talk and crash every hour announced better prospect than living in Britain.

Brutal dictator 'Topham Hatt', known for reckless disregard of rail safety or capital infrastructure spend seen as better leader than current British Government.

Blimey readers, just when you though things couldn't get less tragically mad in the world it goes up to the next level with every bleep of our BBC Breaking News app. 

Yet again the cause of 'Railway Enthusiasm' garners new members and recommendations, because however mad standing at the end of platforms with a new Canon camera or arguing the toss over the colour of a Bulleid Pacific, it can't be any worse than what is going on with the rest of this mad world.

We're not going to kid ourselves that the world of Sodor and Gordon the Big Blue Engine was not an intrinsic fabric of our childhoods as it obviously was. We also learn daily of the 'fandom' that surrounds these well loved books that turned into a global empire of selling toys.

We look at today's world and the different factions that emanate, get angry and then seem intent on wiping out other factions. Then you can visit Twitter and see what the 'fandom' is up to, and you see a whole new level of 'importance' in peoples lives.

Here's the thing, we are called Bash by name and so must Bash by nature? The uneducated in BM folklore may think this is the case. But one thing that happens with every beep and gasp at those BBC Breaking News 'dings' is the realisation that the happy person on Twitter sharing photos among his fandom friends about talking steam engines becomes a happier person. They become a symbol of everything that isn't screwed up in this world.

We are forever advocates of this railway enthusiasm and will bang any drum to support it and challenge it where needed, but if there's one lesson learnt out of the bloody awful mess the world, and in particular Britain, is in at the moment - its that liking Trains and being enthused by aspects of them is bloody nothing compared to what people could be doing.

A grown man or woman who is intent on sharing the disgraceful way Drayton Manor looks after the original TV models from the Sodor we all grew up with? Will it cause world ructions. No, but there in lies someone who cares about something and should be respected for doing so.

We have an inbox full of Cone photographs to go through and share with the big wide world. Why? Because you get it and are part of our community. 

So maybe, just maybe, wanting to bugger off to a fictional island by the Isle of Man, where you are guaranteed to be a passenger aboard a talking train that will crash, doesn't seem such a bad prospect after all.

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  1. The enthusiasm that people posses to protect the this railway is way beyond masures for they are ready to even repair it where needed as they are all advocating for its betterment.