Tuesday 23 May 2017

Station Cats add terrorists to list of people they couldn't give a shit about

Today, the Station Cat at Manchester Victoria joined Larry the Downing Street cat by simply not giving two f*cks to the hatred distributed as Terror by the vile being in Manchester.

Yes, we have no right to comment on the atrocity bestowed on the children and families on the streets of Manchester. This is merely a daft train site. You'd be absolutely right if you thought this, but when real world comes knocking on our thermos flasks - knocking what ever we thought was important in life by taking a swift kick, out of our garden and into next doors garden, it is difficult not to respond.

Why Station Cats?

This morning, as we all woke to the horrific news from Manchester. There stood the Political Correspondent at 7am in the morning on the streets of Downing Street. There he stood telling us that democracy was on pause due to a maniac. A maniac who had robbed the lives of 22 people. The silence from London, in respect and in unity for Manchester was deafening.

But, behind him, there was Larry the Cat. The typical cat who had his tea the night before then pissed off out for the night without a care in the world. He then decides to show up at his minions door for his breakfast. The perils of the changed world throughout the night as he strolled around not even registering as a tinkle on his collar bell. 

This morning, Station cats across the North of England will have gone about their daily lives while we were all glued to the News for the telling horror of rising death tolls and lost children that have been put in contact with a nail bomb. 

The lifelong aim of a cat to ignore anyone that doesn't feed it, ever unchanging despite beliefs or disgraceful aims in life.

The Steam Railway began in Manchester and threaded its double track towards Liverpool in a form of transport that would change the world - forever. 
The 'Rocket' led the way for railways around the world, from Manchester. In 1940 the Manchester Blitz was an attempt on annihilating the North West of England by vicious enemies - it failed.

As terror lands on the top of Railways at Manchester Victoria - it will fail. 

The Pacers will return - we will moan about them,
The drivers will place funny destination names on their blinds - we will groan at them,
A Black 5 will storm away on a railtour with the wrong colour coaches - we will moan about them,
Class 37s will be repainted again - it will be the wrong shade of paint,
You will get sat next to a stag party from Newcastle - they will spill their Lager on your laptop,

The Station Cat will return to Manchester Victoria,
It won't give two shits about anyone trying to change its way of life. It will carry on.

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