Saturday 20 May 2017

Woman spotted at Diesel Gala - Insists she was lost

After turning in fury when hearing the words 'Look, Clag', the woman managed to retain her dignity by leaving the Diesel Gala immediately.

Now, we are not ones for sexist stereotypes here at the BM but with the influx of political posts being outdone by posts containing lots of blokes enjoying a Swallow (Intercity variant), we have been left wondering:

1) Who are Diesel Galas for?
2) Where's Kevin?
3) Where are all the women at these events?

We have to tip our hats to the SVR, who put on a fine display and showcase of Diesel Heritage that is unparalleled to anything similar, in fact many railways seem to have given up the concept, the red pens and the cancellation of star guests at the last minute.

It was until this weekend that we were left wondering who the Galas are for, to see mainline diesels normally on the other side of Kidderminster thrashing out of the other side of Kidderminster - then immediately slowing to speed limits.

The tide has changed from seeing a 'replacement' diesel on the front of your Heritage train to your train being hauled by a 'Heritage Diesel'. It is a masterstroke of publicity that railways will be most relieved to enjoy as their most beloved of steam engines fails in the small hours.

The Diesel Gala then sits at the top of this publicity quite awkwardly, it could be seen as a collection of AA recovery vans that rescued all of the classic cars through the year. A celebration of your generous car insurance policy. 


Heritage belongs to us all, the days at looking at a Victorian steam engine and remembering when you were running to your Air Raid Shelter while wiping away the coal you ate for breakfast from your petticoats may be coming to an end.

A rake of Intercity Mk3s with an Intercity Class 47 on the front is now heritage - we are all very old. 

Diesel Galas make us feel older than our times.

So why don't we see lots of children at Diesel Galas? Perhaps the lies persuasive arguments for dragging their offspring to look at a Class 88 were ondone, when arriving at said Heritage Railway behind a Class 88. Perhaps it all unraveled quicker than explaining the storks are just very busy and begin their work in back seat of a 1989 Cortina.

So why don't we see lots of women at Diesel Galas? Perhaps the blokes don't want to invite them so they can stick on a gas mask, inhale cheap tinned Lager, flail like a demented toad looking for water and then post the results on The Railway Photography Group?

Case closed. 

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