Monday 27 March 2017

Has the world gone mad?

Genuine Question.

Now we are lucky, we have a world we can escape into that not only fires our enthusiasm but genuinely makes us care about something. That is railways. Those out fighting on the streets and doing things in 'the real world' do not have this luxury in life. That is a shame - for them.

So when the real world turns majorly sour, we live in hope until Hugh Grant (!) speaks for the nation and sums up the atmosphere. Or, we can go online and have a laugh and a joke about Railways and go into the depths of railway enthusiasm to 'get away from it all'.

Now we have been very naughty and are writing to you from the dreaded naughty step. 

Gears Grinded.

What we aim to be here at BM is be all inclusive to everyone from every background. As it should be. But the issue comes along when children are introduced into our world. The next generation - Our Hope - Our Future - The Next Hugh Grant.

Picture the scenario, we should encourage the youth of today to get involved in railways, there will be none without their involvement and enthusiasm, it really is this simple.

So here comes the dilemma.

What happens if they are d*ckheads?

Well we hate to break it to you loyal viewers but it turns out there are some proper d*ckheads on internet groups. Turns out these are not even likely to have shaved yet and will no doubt be at school while you are reading this.

Late Night Live.

So we won't go into the stream of abuse directed at the BM overnight on a very popular Internet Group (that we indeed love). It was very entertaining, then incredibly boring within a very short time in the very early hours. 

Here is why we are on the naughty step awaiting a spanking - we bit back.

You see, we are here to have fun and put some humour into railway enthusiasm and to be frank - lighten your day. We know how to put one foot in front of another and when we end up putting our feet in our mouths, we will take them out with dignity and hopefully a sense of humour.

What we don't like is abuse, on any level. If you don't like our 'content' then unfollow and disappear, if people don't have the stamina to unfollow we do it for them. Simple as that, and one of the last joys of social media opposed to real life, you get to turn off social media but the sun still rises the day after for you.

One other thing that sticks our gear stick between Fifth and Annoyance is being 'called out' for theft. By little toe rags. By those who are yet to learn respect. 

You send in some wonderful magic photos and stories to share with the world via BM. It truly is what keeps us doing this daft stuff. You've taken the time to send it in, we will use it. We thank you as much as we can.

Should we disrespect our faithful followers and likers by allowing those who do not 'get it' to complain from the sidelines in short trousers? The sorry truth is we probably should.

So here's the apology

We shouldn't have bit back.

Here's the future

Regardless of whether you are Young, old, black, white, male, female - if you don't like it. Do one. 

The future of Railways is held in the hands of our younger enthusiasts, their vision and drive will keep them running for years to come. So we need to help them transition from prime d*ckheads to the legends of Railways that we now need.

How to do it? Well the clock starts ticking now.

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