Sunday 19 March 2017

More details soon..

Gala Gloating?

Now readers, it wasn't too long ago that we claimed the Enthusiast Gala was a dying breed on your favourite Heritage Steam Railway. They were cleared off the timetables for gawking at A3s and meeting Pigs the size of fully grown, sweaty men.

You'd now be expecting a grovelling apology for inaccuracy judging by the way your social media timelines are full to the rafters of shots from the latest blockbuster Gala. Whether they are filled with photos of full trains is yet to be gloated by your favourite Heritage Steam Railway.

One thing is for sure they seem to be here to stay, 'Strictly Bulleid' (with a Tank Engine thrown in) on the Swanage is one such recipe of greatness that would whet the appetite of any hardcore gricer or Bash Mash liker.

But much like a Strictly without an Ed Balls, there does seem a gap of 'must see' events missing from the calendars of our notebooks. We find ourselves left with the bloke from Hollyoaks who nobody knows and the whole affair seems a tad 'meh'. 


So friends, what do we have to look forward to as 2017 steams towards Summer now the blink and you miss it Spring has done an Ed Balls and gone back to oblivion?

Well here is a handy tip to see you enthusiasts on your way in the search for answers. 
  1. Head to your nearest Search Engine,
  2. Type in 'Steam Gala 2017',
  3. Look at 'details coming soon' throughout.
The appetite does seem a little 'Anne Widdecombe on a tightrope' at this stage. A little lacklustre.

Here is another handy tip just to keep you on your toes,
  1. Head to your nearest Search Engine,
  2. Type in 'Meet Peppa Pig on Heritage Railway',
  3. Look at streams of search results that would fill the internet history of the dodgiest gricer.
It does seem the Pig and its friends are having the last laugh for the moment, perhaps the bacon is drying out the appetite for Steam Railways. 

No-one here would ever challenge a Steam Railway to not go out and make money and make families grin a hammy smile from ear to ear. The only thing scratching our pork is perhaps the momentum for enthusiast galas is yet to reach second notch.

One thing that is indeed ever present is the flooding of photos of the Galas when they happen, from every 3D angle and Live Video. We can simply sit back in our armchairs and experience the entire rare Steam Gala as if we were there. 

This is our first glimpse of concern for enthusiast Galas in 2017, we will go away and eat a bacon sandwich in the hope that 'more details soon' is indeed a cone infested, beer swilling, steam festival that would warrant at least four 'The Real Railway..' groups to eminate from its blockbuster loins. 

More details soon..

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