Thursday 30 March 2017

What makes a Great Gala?

We're tight

Heading to a Steam Gala can cost a fair few quid. As Brexit is confirmed we have a sh*t load of money saved from not going to Benidorm for a week, thousands spare that would have gone on green sambukas thrown back up in the best All English Cafe in the Costa Del Sol. So now Brexit has gifted us all of these new fancy pounds - we can all head to a Steam Gala with bulging pockets. 

As we look forward to the 'Strctly Bulleid' Gala on the Swanage, we can see a very bold statement of intent in the category of Steam Galas. Five Bulleids all together providing the best Park & Ride for Corfe Castle since a York Bendy Bus. Surely this Gala should feature in the A to Z of putting on a Gala. It ticks all the boxes in big green ticks.

The North Yorkshire Moors are repeating the performance of 'that A3' last year with 'Royal Scot'. One engine, One Railway, fill your boots. Very different but very 'limited edition' to those who have a ticket. You're getting a paid for seat behind Royal Scot with a Black 5 pushing you up a Bank. No doubt this slot will be filled by a celebrity engine each year. 

Catching the Disiesel 

Bring on in Round Two the Diesel Gala. Yes we've taken the mic out of flailing, Yes it baffles us all - but these Galas just seem to get bigger and bigger. The SVR bagging a Class 88 is a real coup, a real coup that will no doubt be fully guarded against rogue railwayana hunters in the dark mists of Bewdley. Could you run a week of Severn Valley services solely behind a Class 88? Would our boots be filled? Chances are there is the clientele and friends of our friend Kevin who could fill a weeks worth of trains behind a Loco behind a box.

Instead, the Class 88 coup will be almost saturated behind what will be a stream of guest Diesel. The wide eyed flailers will 'Peak' (get it?) on the Saturday and go home on Sunday. Two days and all done.

There is an argument that every day is a Gala in the NYMR at the height of summer and they simply can't fill an already full railway with more Engines until that double track is laid.

As we plan to head out on Tour, it is interesting to follow up our other rambling on waiting for Steam Gala details to be released, to work out - what would actually make us Peak. 

Are we heading to Exclusive Galas with your favourite engine in a booked seat on the Railway cleared especially for you?

Or do you want more engines, more trains, more thrash and more crammed carriages? 

Thanks to Brexit, we can cancel those EasyJet flights and mull over where our new raincoats will be heading this Summer.

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