Friday 3 June 2016

People lose their RTT Shit.

When you step outside into the strange big wide world

There are numerous occasions when those sites, provided free of charge such as Twitter, Facebook and the ever addictive 'Realtime Trains' let us down by going down, down, down. As a society we are not prepared for this phenomenon. You find yourself back in 2005 - when they all didn't exist. Those born in 2005 will be taking this much harder.

Spare a thought for these younglings who know not of a world beyond the buzzing white block in their pockets.

Then RTT is down, we are calling it RTT on the understanding you know what we mean. 

We know you use RTT in Advanced Mode, fear not you're among friends here

The sunshine is mainly shining outside for those who dare step out into the world and see what life is like in the cool calm breeze. The alternative of course is to lose your shit on the site that is still working. We prefer this, it keeps us entertained.

It is a weird world we live in where the hobby formerly known as 'Trainspotting', and now hidden behind a tag of Digital Rail Photography is at our fingertips making it easier than ever to spend as least time as possible in the fresh air. 

Is it less fun than pouring over paper Timetables or simply stood beside the railway in red petticoats hoping to send our love to Father?

We have an interesting experiment, why not go without your mobile and RTT for a whole week and.. well this is the most pointless thing we've ever written. It would never happen.

Now there has of course been a tripping point over RTT in the case that it has been restricted, by the government, for security purposes. This has set a precedent that can be used again. The Nanny State is indeed interfering in a hobby enjoyed by many across the land.

Perhaps, as our jest suggests, RTT has been disposed for the greater good? Perhaps too much information is out there and it is time to rein it back in for the good of us all?

The moral of the story, don't f*cking trespass. Too much Fresh air is scary.

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