Friday 24 June 2016

The Referendum Results are in and it's Henry!

So, that was a funny day

The world sat and watched as the UK made a momentous decision that will change the course of its future for generations to come. That doesn't happen very often does it? In this instant world of Facebook and TwitSpace, allowing everyone to 'become Politicians' for the day - it is always a shock when something unexpected happens. Something that no one was expecting if we are honest.

Henry was back

This old wreck was declared a 'failure' after being built. Nobody wanted this ramshackle design of a locomotive and he struggled to find any work in his homeland, the future was looking bleak with his varying pedigrees and ancestry from different countries and failed designs.

It was only through the desperation of a wealthy business owner, who some would say was a rather portly man (Fat), that the unlucky locomotive was required to fill a gap in his employment crisis. The rather portly Controller was urgently requiring cheap labour to rebuild his struggling manufacturing industry and new infrastructure. It was this need that Henry was given a chance to work in a new country. A small island that was known throughout the world for leading the way in Rail transport.

He was different to everyone else and people found him rude, and vain. He struggled in his new country.

He did not adjust to his new living arrangements in his new homeland country. Times were shit. His diet of Sodor Coal did not agree with him and made him a poor worker. But, the wealthy fat portly Controller kept the faith with his loyal worker and decided to speak to a partner nation for help.

Wales was indeed the answer, they helped out their neighbour by supplying their finest grade coal. Henry really was being given a good chance in his new country. He started to feel happy in his work and homelife.

Sodor times went well, then things went a little fishy. After an almighty balls up on the fancy new signalling systems of Sodor, an inept drunk signalman broke every H&S code in the book by signalling Henry and his shit load of Fish into a siding - which was already occupied by a late running freight load of Jam, probably. 

Several were hurt as Cocoa splattered around a Guards Van, the resultant ORR investigation reported that two Guards were taking the piss by having an unauthorised break in the Guards Van while playing Strip Poker. They escaped with minor cocoa burns and the Queen of Diamonds after the accident.

England to the Rescue

First Wales to the rescue, now England stepped in to rebuild Henry into a new design. A Black 5. Now this boy was truly 'one of us'. Working hard and looking sharp. A success story all round.

Independence Day

After working hard, Henry was splashed across all news outlets on a very hot sunny day that a strange wobbly man christened 'Independence Day', he did so over a pint from a neighbouring country. 

Henry found himself thrust into the limelight by his neighbouring country, and not by his own choice. Henry worked hard, he had built a home, yes he had made a few mistakes as people got to know him but he was truly one of the locals. 

But now, the disgrace of a misdemeanour from many years ago, namely moving to work in a small Island country was headline news. (Henry hid in a tunnel on his first day, but this has since been struck off his permanent record)

Henry was no longer welcome by their neighbours. There would be no more coal, there would be no more turning into Fives. The bricks will be put back up into his face. The people of the Island, his friends, neighbours and employers will stand on their barrels in front of him telling him what a bad engine he has been.

What will happen to Henry?

Well, thats another story.

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