Sunday 23 April 2017

Angry Demands of Refunds by freeloaders to Free Event organisers

There were cries of anger as Virgin Trains East Coast free display of British Engineering was lambasted for having trains in the wrong order, based on their introduction, or build date, or date of toilet roll dispensers.

You would think nothing settles angry Rail Enthusiasts more than a 'once in a lifetime' opportunity taking place in their own lifetimes. But, on St. George's Day - welcome to Britain in 2017.

Our favourite anger pointed at the free event laid on by VTEC was that it was too early in the morning. Why couldn't they be more considerate and lay on the spectacle of four of the East Coast Racehorses at 5pm on a Friday afternoon when things are much civilised. 

Helicopters also woke up the neighbours north of York which was disgraceful on a sunny day when they are trying to watch four iconic trains pass by their trimmed back gardens. They had to go inside their quiet homes to complain angrily on Facebook.

It also beggers belief that every train, carriage, engine, trespasser armed with an iPad, bacon sandwich or squashed pheasant was not represented across the 38 tracks side by side North of York. Come on Branson, sort it out.

We were all freeloaders for this spectacle. It was a PR stunt for a private company in Virgin Trains East Coast, we can but hope that the coffers of the NRM were lined aplenty with the nations owned engine along for the ride. 

The masterstroke of course was feeding the spectacle through Facebook Live so we didnt have to move from our hangover beds and had readily accessible 'last nights Vindaloo' and sticky keyboards to hand to complain in anger at every possible opportunity.

Anyone mention the Deltics? We mentioned it once but think we got away with it.

Ah, where was the Deltic. Yes, it would have been nice to have the Deltic alongside rather than towed by an A3, but perhaps this private company didn't have the room so waited until York to line up the iconic Class 55 alongside its distant cousins. Turned out they did but we're still bloody angry they - oh well - someones angry about this.

We really are spoilt as rail enthusiasts at the moment, with the national rail networks now also getting in on the act of ringing Tim Dunn and putting on spectacles for us all to enjoy, and moan at.

As Southern have been masters at PR stunts recently, surely it is now Swindon and Crewe's turn to put on a show for us all to moan at?

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  1. I think train enthusiasts need to get over themselves, this was probably a one time event, forget about the fact that the locomotives weren't in order, just soak it up because they have been there to see such an event unfold which other train enthusiasts outside of this location and around the world for that matter would have loved to seen something like this in their country or be there to witness what happened recently with this amazing event.