Wednesday 5 April 2017

Man who got Steam Locomotive number wrong is sentenced to 8 Years in Prison.

As the criminal was led away, the Prison van was pelted with dictionaries, Ian Allan ABC Books and Thesauruses as a true mark of British Protest.

Abominations are quick and plentiful in the Year 2017, this 12 month hangover from the previous craphole of 2016, but the worlds problems are not on a par with that of getting a Steam locomotive name or number wrong. 

It is a plague that we all have to bear as we follow the sights, sounds and smells of our unchanged underwear in following the hundreds of Railway Groups and Pages online. One wrong move and we are out of there so we tread more carefully than a Class 46 heading towards a Nuclear flask. We all know the impending doom of stating an 'opinion' in such an arena is the curse of death and disassociation that will tarnish us forever.

Exhibit A

Now we've seen 'Line of Duty' and know all about this shit. Exhibit A clearly shows someone in the wrong neck of the woods altogether. We've covered the identity of the hero of the piece here who is quick to pick up on the error.

The follow up clincher, cliffhanger and shocker comment was of course 'Now you know you're in the Unofficial NYMR Group here Fella..' in a Northern Irish growl. 

Of course anyone making such a heinous error is entitled to be addressed by someone of equal or higher rank in the 'Know it All' register. This normally takes the form of the all powerful Group Admin. 

Quite ugly scenes

So here we offer words of warnings to all followers, do your research first before you even contemplate coming onto Internet Groups about Railways looking to find out any kind of information. Any new babies of Groups will be instantly put in the corner if you do not know your stuff before getting there.

Criticism of anything posted on said Groups is a whole level of legal system that we have yet to comprehend or make sense of in the modern age. We can only recommend that you take your opinions far, far away.

We may look at creating a beginners guide to being a Railway Enthusiast online, with a step by step guide on the whys, wherefores and pitfalls of the new new journey people find themselves on.

Anyway, words reach us that 'Duchess of Sutherland' is running down the mainline - tender first. Brace yourselves folks, the proverbial has just got real.

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