Monday, 24 April 2017

Woman lets slip to colleagues that she likes Trains

Not only does the terror of heading to the toilet at work incase 'wee jobbies' greet you, but now there comes the terror of someone seeing your phone background photo of a King Arthur class spitting coal across the glorious West Country.

We are riding a wave of publicity for the Geeks and Nerds across the land who were once confined to living behind anonymous profile photos in the Railway Photograph Group and are now seeing the glimmer of daylight behind the volumes of Signaling Diagrams in place of curtains.

Are we now truly in a renaissance period for railway enthusiasm that will only be elected out by 'Bus First' far right political group? BF will no doubt sweep to power on 8th June when we all thought the polls had the Liberal Tramocrats sweeping into fascist power.

The anger directed to that A3 is still bubbling away if you look in the darkest corners of the internet (National Preservation) with no real rhyme or reason as to the hatred beyond the price tag  and publicity directed away from, well, other steam engines?

So we now see people publicly proclaiming their love for trains, love for rail enthusiasm and sharing the rich heritage that comes from arguing about the colour of your favourite replica axle box. The Big Bang is the theory that we are now not afraid to show our enthusiasm for anything slightly weird.

Perhaps, after many years, people are seeing beyond the thermos flask. Perhaps they are seeing viral photographs of West Ham fans armed with golf clubs and pizzas and realising that bloke on the platform talking to friends and photographing trains is perhaps not the worst thing to happen since the last worst thing to happen in this country?

The exploits of 'Tornado' smashing through 100mph on the main line are yet to feature in a documentary, the reels of BBC Four are still showing excellent documentaries on the subject and the passion and enthusiasm continues to rise.

The peaking of coppertops and deflectors is starting to spread from BBC Local News to BBC One. The rules on 'RPG' are starting to be watered down by people actually having a sensible giggle at both themselves and this enthusiasm we find ourselves in.

So here lays the challenge to all Bash Mashers reading through this drivel. Why not show off your background photo of those red axleboxes to a colleague, to a friend, to someone in your gang armed with a pizza.

The revolution is here.

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