Friday 7 April 2017

Man who photographed the good looking side of a Garratt declared a Liar

Every Steam Engine is a beautiful piece of Engineering, unless it is ugly. Then it's an ugly piece of Engineering. 

Yes, we are being controversial. Yes, we know those reading this will swiftly disagree with our viewpoint. Your Mum and Dad will never have chosen their favourite sibling (if you had one) and they wouldn't sit across a bar and declare you 'ugly' to whoever was propping up the jukebox. But when it comes to crafted pieces of metal, perhaps we can be brutal by putting the pint down and declaring across the drip tray that a Locomotive is bloody ugly.

Garratts are British Engineering built to serve a purpose across the world. They returned to Britain to fulfil the need on a narrow gauge railway that many thought could never reopen, but has.

Does your heart flutter when you see a Garratt at full swing? If we were back in the vaults of 'Top Gear' looking at the Cool Wall. Where would a Garratt land? We expect it will be Super Cool because only true enginemen and lady enginemen will appreciate the Garratt at full pelt through the Aberglaslyn Pass. Mere mortals will just not understand how much of a machine they really are.

As always, representing the mortals, we take away from a Garratt at full pelt the only senses available to us from a Pullman Car sipping Cream Tea behind it. The sight, the sound and the smell. 

They sound incredible,

They smell wonderful,

The Looks Department was off at Beyer-Peacock that day.

We are not simply picking on this unique style of british design but indeed opening up the thought that we can pass judgement on good looking pieces of engineering, and without remorse can say that something is a HippocrocoPig.

Perhaps our taste in certain Engines and Regions stems from the attractiveness of the machines it represents or produces. We're not heading into creepy Channel 5 documentary arenas here, but is your favourite Engine or Region based on looks?

Or were you bet to Pull a Pig and wear a Garratt pin badge?

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