Tuesday 4 April 2017

Feel better about yourself by watching Live Streams of someone better than you.

Cheers all round as can now catch the train, watch it from all angles then see what we haven't eaten, all live from Facebook, without having to move.

There is not a lot that we can't now watch in Live stream from our Facebook News feed. If it becomes very popular and factually correct, even Peter Snow and Dick Strawbridge will present it for you to make what you are seeing even more palatable. 

Today, we were able to watch a Steam Locomotive be driven from the footplate in Devon. We were then able to see Royal Scot steam through York, live in glorious HD. For dessert we could then see a Deltic hauling the Scot down the East Coast Main Line as if we actually were the actual cameraman with our scrotum skewed on barbed wire south of Newark.

We may never need to move again.

The appetite for live streaming everything across the world to the rest of the worlds mobiles spreads far and wide. The ultimate showcase Steam Railway events are not only put on for those who cant be bothered to buy a ticket, but we all get front seats by not even having to bother leaving the house.

The financial rewards for said Railway streaming the whole event via Facebook Live, is naff all. Beyond painting the lineside fences in a nice shade of bollock red.

There is of course the encouragement that you are missing out on what you are seeing, so you can jump back over to the Railways Live Webcams to avoid having to miss your favourite Pot Noodle while screen grabbing the Live Webcam to share what you are missing with others who are also missing it. You don't want to miss it.

We actually encourage this showcasing in the old style of photography. Gold has now gone to Group where all Bash Mashers can showcase their most valuable work for the world to see on Facebook. There is something quite special, and always will be, in railway photography. When you get it right, you lot really do get it right.

The worry we have is the dilution of our great hobby by everything and everyone being streamed live, so as noone need bother visiting them again. Will Steam Railways soon become a good series on Netflix, or follow Mark Zuckerberg telling us how down to earth he is?

Technology brings you this rambling, and is a wonderful thing. But here is hoping people are encouraged to scrape free from the sofas, try out those bones and muscles under the arse and visit Heritage Railways in the flesh. The smell of those Mark 1s has yet to reach the technological advantages on a par with Crazy Frog.  

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